Not Just for Wine, For Anytime!

    Made and manufactured entirely in America. Created with love & humor by The Celeste Alexandra Group, LLC.
    A family owned and operated business.

    A whimsical, unique, wooden Conestoga reminiscent wagon with a modern day purpose. We are proud to present the one, the only, the original Wine Wagon! Handcrafted and MADE IN THE USA. This patented product is blazing a trail in style. It's versatile in use, but proudly flaunts its intended purpose: to overtly display or intriguingly hide away that box of wine! Yes, we're talking about box wine! BE HOT. DRESS YOUR BOX! Designed to hold 3 or 5 liter rectangular bag-in-box wine. Drink More Box Wine! Box wine is economical, environmentally friendlier & stays fresher longer than bottle wines. Quality box wines do exist! Box wine lover? Partner your favorite brands with our product by positioning it inside this clever and simply adorable wagon. Pour your glass with panache! No box wine? No worries! We don't expect you to forsake bottles forever! We love a good bottle too! Or a few. Just be open-minded. We invite you to benefit from your own creative uses for our charming little wagons. Its not just for wine, it's for admiring anytime! Once you lay eyes on the one that you love, you'll be a fan. Meet our family of wagons! We hope there's at least one in our collection that captures your heart... and the hearts of the ones you love. From our family to yours.

    The Celeste Alexandra Group